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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2011 8:01am-8:31am EDT

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worldwide news live from moscow this is arts he with me role research right police have fired tear gas at protesters gathered just outside the greek parliament building in athens and the country has ground to a halt workers walking out of their jobs in a twenty four hour public sector strike and they're all angry at the government's policy of austerity cuts all flights in and out of greek airports are grounded hospitals meantime relying on just emergency staff now sarah ferguson live in athens for us let's cross over and speak to her hello to you police have started to climb down on the demonstrators we've seen thousands dispersed over the past couple of hours i watched the latest you've seen the protests outside the parliament building any can feel the riot police just lining the front that is what and the last after we saw that. between the right to protest the gas
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used against the protesters had small pocket breaks and they said that these clashes you could still see on the streets in syntagma just some of the bright place it's done here i can still use well we've got some of them so we see more of the tensions between the protest then the police happening of course the team a new day being in speeding thousands of people on this entire day to prate i think it's a very most. very very deep. and. they should. have been hearing a lot about the struggles of people. suffering as the great debates. that by. and joint. pain and now this is. the pay the taxes the big. play. and where. our country.
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girls today you know. nothings and the does. it get the papers. that are composed by. very timid about the mission. and people. that work there. and we see in every divorced or a certain a sign but we don't live with more than our. state and the world and the people. and the. people. it is money and. that
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is true it is not just movement it is a movement for the survival of the people it is a. living like this. there are no more the average family. doesn't give to the. other no bunk the people just. because it is that group. maybe we can. thank you very much for joining us much i think we've been hearing from the people who turned out today can we start that really is it. the government trying to. bring the. magic that is being implemented. for the people who. are it's hard to apologize we're having some technical problems with your microphone and also we have to check in with you a bit later live in athens many thanks and to. you without any now russia
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and china have vetoed a u.n. security council resolution on syria the european bank draft called on damascus to end its crackdown on protesters or face quote targeted measures but moscow and beijing said they are concerned it could pave the way to a libya styled military intervention. not reports from new york russian ambassador to the united nations vitaly churkin said the draft was too one sided he described the resolution as a confrontational approach taken by the european delegation and against the peaceful settlement to the crisis now in this draft resolution which was proposed by france with the support of portugal the u.k. and germany but the one part of the text that many countries seem to disagree with was that that called for syria to comply with the resolution within thirty days and
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it if not comply then the council would quote consider its options including unspecified quote measures many council members including china russia brazil south africa interpreted these vague terms as leaving the door open to sanctions now of course russia is one is one of many countries that has been opposed to international. against syria ambassador churkin says moscow believes the violence should be stopped through internal reforms and political dialogue not external sanctions or military intervention such as the case of libya you put in your p.c. what you broke with a draft resolution which was not passed today was based on an entirely different philosophy the philosophy of confrontation we cannot agree with it's one sided accusations against damascus we believe the threat of implementing sanctions
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against the syrian government is unacceptable this approach contradicts the principle of peaceful settlement crisis based on a common serious national doing is doing what you in the shutters brazil india south africa and lebannon abstained from voting on the resolution but it was the united states that voiced extreme disappointment that the security council did not bolt of atlee adopt the resolution moving forward russia and china said that they will be working on a resolution to gather that they say will be more balanced in the case of syria now we do know that some council members wanted not only the syrian government condemned for the violence but also a condemnation against all the anti-government protesters that may have been inflaming the violence that has been breaking out over the course of six months but that is a measure that the europeans did not want included in this resolution. reporting
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right there from the breakup of the veto by russia and china it follows three months of heated debate in new york where the disagreement has split the security council but moscow is convinced it is junk action rather it's justified. explained . it's actually a rare case of russia using its veto at the u.n. security council russia has only used its power of veto seven times since nine hundred eighty four that is fewer than the u.k. and that's way less than the united states and the fact that low scale has used this last resort shows that it's trying to prevent a similar scenario in yet another arab state to what happened in libya back in march that resolution on libya was possed russia abstained from the vote but the u.n. mandate was quickly picked up by nato which sided with and to gadhafi forces in libya helping them to topple the kono and russia insists that in case of libya this u.n.
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mandate was misused and now it has vote not to let that happen again actually russia is the only permanent member of the u.n. security council which is on the path to meet trying to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the crisis in syria it has hosted representatives so both president bashar al assad and members of the opposition trying to notch them into a dialogue and russian lawmakers also went on the fact finding mission to syria which has concluded that the moscow's he's in fact trying to implement the democratic reforms which it promised but it needs more time to bring them into of course the u.s. and its western allies have already imposed a set of sanctions aimed against regime of president assad and they have called him to step down all russia stands at the point that any one sided approach could only make matters worse and it could be sending
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a biased signal all strong support for the opposition to keep fighting. could only fuel tanks in that country. reporting right there what i mean time john laughlin from the institute for democracy and cooperation in paris he says that u.s. pressure on syria is actually all about ensuring the security of israel washington's closest ally in the region i think moscow has been very annoyed with nato with britain france and america for the way they exploited the libyan resolution the one which russia abstained on and therefore allowed to pass russia has said repeatedly during the libyan campaign that the terms of that resolution were being misused that resolution after all only talked about protecting civilians where is no sooner had it been voted then western leaders the british defense secretary for instance admitted that regime change was the very goal the western governments are keen to obtain some kind of legal cover for their actions now in
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the middle east syria for the western powers is obviously great proximity to israel it's one of the big opponents of the israeli state a country which obviously america and britain and the other western powers strongly support syria effectively controls lebanon which is of course israel's immediate neighbor syria is also a strong ally of iran and we all know that iran has been in the americans and israelis cross-hairs for a long time after all let's not be naive the regimes which the americans and other western powers want to see come to power obviously friendly ones they want the middle east to be remodelled along the lines which make the middle east safe for israel and that's the context that's the geo political context in which we should see this saber rattling now against syria. still ahead for you this hour here on our nato continues its humanitarian mission in libya hundreds of people flee khadafi hometown of sirte under a barrage of nato and rebel shelling we have all the latest details. and
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espionage under fire defense secrets safe after special forces capture an alleged spy digging up details on. systems. in the united states the occupy wall street movement is gaining support and popularity on a daily basis labor unions have joined the chorus of disapproval from l.a. to do you see thousands upset with the state of the economy and the government's inability to turn things around protesting for a third week. reports they are determined to be. we don't want that not that it's creating more pain where it's not very much more aggression and i think people are taking this. more than a thousand people in los angeles. chose to stand in solidarity with the occupy wall street movement. at city hall the very visible center of
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government in power i mean demonstrators worry that the one percent who controlled most of the nation's wealth have gained a stranglehold over the u.s. government alexander hamilton you know referred to the people that he was so afraid of as the great peace and the great peace as a way people of all walks of life had turned out for this mass demonstration here in los angeles now a lot of the protesters here say they've gotten their inspiration from the demonstrators in new york and in athens and others are inspired by the revolution of egypt now there's still much debate about whether this is part of that revenue scenario movement here in america but one thing that people can agree on is that some drastic changes need to be made as to how this country runs from the east coast to the west coast and a growing number of places in between a collective anger is unifying people. in the windy city
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a group has been demonstrating outside the federal reserve bank in chicago for more than a week in boston a tent city in the heart of the financial district means occupiers can voice their discontent with corporate greed twenty four seven and. just by dozens of arrests demonstrators intent to show that democracy does not end at the ballot box families have also been marching in denver and san francisco demanding radical change from wahoo to olympia to all my high to orlando according to the occupy together website protests are being organize. in more than one hundred cities lines that you place standing behind are worth a revelation i believe their time is that i think that i think that well it is not good news in there that doesn't work despite mainstream media down plain and even really killing the movement supporters have faith the message will be understood
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and you saw what happened in london they tried to make that out about a bunch of people that were just you know you know the bad apples that's humanity humanity's got something is wrong already bruised by soaring unemployment poverty and foreclosures the middle class are now being told to tighten their belts leading many americans to finally find their voices crossing the beginning bigger it looks like the spreading throughout the country and you know they had a arab spring and you know hopefully we have with us in los angeles though r t. now a quarter past the hour here in moscow ten years four hundred billion dollars and thousands of lost lives america's war in afghanistan seems to be no where near an end and the top u.s. commander has admitted that american troops will stay much longer than expected ninety thousand soldiers are currently deployed in the country they are set to start withdrawing by two thousand and fourteen general john allen said the exact
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number of troops to remain is yet to be discussed with the afghan authorities but their role will be strictly advisory however yet a funding who has written extensively about afghanistan says the u.s. has a wider goal and is not likely to leave anytime soon. there are many reasons why the united states and its allies but particular united states will stay in afghanistan in the first ball is that the war is getting worse or more i e d's according to the un that is to say mines have gone off in the last few months and only four more u.s. soldiers and marines are dying there are more casualties civilian and military than any time in the ten years. since foreign forces have been in afghanistan and also the afghan national army and its police forces are not ready to take over you have a twenty four percent desertion rate in the afghan national army now the united states is letting contracts to american contractors to build barracks in various
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air bases around the country and she and dad in the in the west perhaps to watch. their flights over iran in mazar e sharif in the north to perhaps watch former soviet central asian republics in kandahar in the southeast perhaps watch pakistan the united states does not have any intention i do not believe to leave in the short term there are many who feel that they have to surround iran perhaps soft containment of china nato and its allies i don't think are ready to leave this very volatile region united states does not want pakistan to try and make afghanistan a satellite it's a very complicated very dangerous area and i do think that u.s. forces will be there for a very long time. the business news is about five minutes away here on r t the libyan forces are valid to launch what they call a final. town of several strategic areas of the stronghold have already been taken
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over by the fighters of libya's national transitional council assisted by nato airstrikes hundreds of people are still fleeing the area to escape the heavy fighting civilians lack food and water and hospitals are running out of vital medical supplies the. spokesperson for the red cross who visited the region says the situation there is dire. we managed to get in the hospital and spend a few hours to check on the hospital however the security situation did not allow us to move inside the town and see the situation of the civilians we managed to talk to you presented to us of the civilians to understand the situation they talk about lack of food for troops there is no electricity there is a lack of fuel in the city and there is very difficult access to medical care and now i have the same time while talking to families going out of the city of sirte i have been on the eastern side where i have talked to families displaced these people as well are living in difficult conditions because they are they are leaving
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just their houses to flee the ongoing fighting in the city of sirte and they are being displaced into the desert. living in high difficult hygenic conditions and having no access to medical care and no potable water we have been calling upon all parties to the conflict despair as much as possible to civilian people and to always distinguish between military and civilian targets and of course you can always find more in all of our stories that are. some of the other ones you can find right now online waiting for you russia introduces chemical castration for pedophiles to counter being creasing number of sex crimes against underage victims the whole story. and the forgotten women of afghanistan one of the reasons the u.s. invaded. but ten years later their plight is still the same find out more about r.t. dot com plus check out all of our best videos on our you tube channel. twenty minutes past the hour now russia's a federal security service has revealed it has been holding
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a suspected chinese spy the man identified as attorney faces charges of attempted espionage and trying to obtain information on russia's weapons piskun office details authorities say that this is a chinese man who worked here in russia as a translator for official chinese delegations and now he's accused of trying to bribe his way into getting access to secret technical documentation on three hundred air defense systems the federal security service says no key software to almost school board actually it's reported that he was arrested just around a year ago but it's not only know that the case has been passed over to board this story into the media the moment there's been no official reaction either from the chinese authorities or from the foreign ministry here in moscow but it's interesting that russia used to explore the three hundred air defense systems to
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china because she's actually sort of to produce them all and so. their production here in russia has been recently fully suspended with the more modern and their advanced four hundred and five hundred air defense systems taking their place. they're going to spin off their reporting on the arrest of a suspected chinese spy in russia ok dimitris here in just a few moments with the business news but for now the world update here on the nobel prize in chemistry has gone to an israeli research of his discovery of quasi crystals at the complex structural form was previously thought to be impossible because the atoms were arranged in a manner contrary to the laws of nature a seventy year old daniel shechtman will receive around one and a half. dollars in reward money and ceremony in december. at least three people have been killed and dozens injured after the yemeni government forces that shelled residential areas in the southern province of i wouldn't say that opposition led
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tribesmen supporting the president to go fired back thousands continue to take to the streets all across the country protesting his decades long range the uprising in yemen started in february and has reportedly claimed the lives of fifteen hundred people. the security forces in mexico have arrested eighteen police officers accused of working with us that's one of the most powerful drug cartels there along with those captured nine inmates who escaped from a jail in the same region just two weeks ago a tip off by locals that led troops to a small village where the fugitives were hiding out the gang was planning to join the notorious cartel which has ravaged parts of the country with killing and kidnapping. elayne students are demanding a better education continue their demonstrations against the government that's despite the president threatening tougher sentences for protesters who occupy schools or university programs at least twenty were arrested by riot police to
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disperse the crowds using tear gas and water cannons in the capital. of the business with dmitri. thanks for hello and welcome to business the russian markets are struggling to make any gains on wednesday that despite stronger crude prices and growth in europe now russia is taking a big hit during the latest market turmoil as investors pull their cash out of risky locations but analysts say if a double dip recession is avoided emerging markets will outperform the global indices. emerging markets in general are much stronger fiscally they have much stronger growth that is expected in europe in the u.s. and corporations in emerging markets such as russia and elsewhere are also much stronger so you know i think that's one thing for now investors are simply wrapped
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up on the concern that we could get a catastrophe if we can avoid the catastrophe which now looks more likely then i think once we settle down we will see more money coming back to emerging markets faster than developed markets the latest markets with many investors scratching their heads if aware of the money just in and steve from marilyn suggests infrastructure projects still offer the prospect of some stability. when you look at a lot of infrastructure projects the attraction of them is they may be emerging markets but ultimately they are the gateway to global trade whether it's passenger traffic will freight traffic and i think a lot of investors see that as a little chilly on the vultures of these projects so when we've probably all companies they tend to be gateways to global trade and therefore best to say obvious best to domestic infrastructure but most of us are going to globalization and the opening of that market to new investors new companies overseas so it's an interesting way to play an emerging market but also to do risk by investing in
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a company providing infrastructure to support both import and export trade. going to the markets now traditionally we start with commodities oil is in the black for the first day and for after a poor u.s. gasoline stockpiles dropped to five million barrels last week futures rose almost four percent up to fooling eight percent the past three days brant bland is trading at around one hundred one and a half dollars per barrel lights just seventy eight dollars per barrel. in europe the markets are bouncing back in versus way to date on labor market and services sector bank stocks are among the main advances following a late rally on wall street among major lenders shares in the bank rose more than five percent in frankfurt b.m.p. parabolic line pretty much by the same amount in paris. this is the picture in moscow not so rosy as it seems in europe markets are flat to seeing both gains and losses during the day if you look at the main movers on the markets energy
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majors makes the spikes the come back and you oil price gas from of one percent in the red where loop oil is just point four percent up banking stocks are also under pressure with the country's biggest lenders burbank one percent down. in other news the rush is the leading i know producer mattel investor has boosted its first half then profit by ninety. sent the nine hundred eighty five million dollars all will support a boy stronger as well as increased supply to fast growing asian markets. but for more business news you can always log on to our website called forward slash business would join me i'll be back in around fifty five minutes time with nothing.
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or might not then. shut up. wealthy british style old sarah is not tied to the subtle. target. markets finance scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines is joining to cause a report on our. mission in free clinic a should be free transport charge is free. range once free killing spree can skew
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police fired tear gas at demonstrators in the nation. nationwide strike. thousands of civil. protest social contacts. a u.n. resolution against syria. confrontation push for peace. thousands across the u.s. a voice. soaring unemployment. joined the chorus of disapproval. for the north caucasus remains russia's most a volatile region with.


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